Más allá del pico del petróleo: el futuro de la energía"


Ugo Bardi

Cargando... Teaches Physical Chemistry at the University of Florence, Italy, where he is affiliated with the Department of Earth Sciences. His interest is in global resource management and in petroleum resources in particular, by means of socio-economic studies based on system dynamics. He works also in the field of renewable energy, with a special interest in innovative photovoltaic technologies. He is a member of the Club of Rome, active in the dissemination of information on climate change and the depletion of mineral resources with his blog "Resource Crisis" . He is author of "Extracted (Chelsea Green 2014) and of "The Limits to Growth Revisited" (Springer 2012).

Mikael Höök

Cargando... Associate Professor of Applied Physics at Uppsala University, Sweden, and member since 2006 of Global Energy Systems research and the Uppsala Hydrocarbon Depletion Study Group. He got his Ph.D. degree in 2010 in the same university, with a work on patterns of supply and extraction of coal and oil and their importance in future production. He is the author of numerous scientific publications in international journals on the topic of fossil fuel depletion. He is also Secretary of ASPO International (Association for the Study of Peak Oil).

Pedro A. Prieto

Cargando... Technical Engineer in Telecommunications (Madrid, 1950) and has been working in the Telecom Industry, first with ITT and then with ALCATEL for 32 years, where he had different responsibilities, as telephone networks design engineer, then as professor in the R&D Labs of ITT, although most of his career was in exports, where he was appointed as vice president of the Radio Communications Division in the headquarters of Alcatel. He worked mainly in oil, gas and coal producing countries. He is at present engaged as chairman of Tietar Solar, S. L. and Energías del Tietar, S. L., in the active solar PV market in Spain and as consultant on renewable energies, with over 20 MW of solar PV installations. He partially owns, manages and operates a very modern high concentration solar PV 1 MW plant, working at 400 suns in Western Spain. Pedro is vicepresident of ASPO Spain and also co-editor of Crisis Energetica, the ASPO reference blog in Spanish language and member of Científicos por el Medio Ambiente (CiMA).

Antonio Turiel

Cargando... Scientist at the Department of Physical Oceanography of the Institute of Marine Sciences in Barcelona (CSIC). He has a B.Sc. in Physics and Mathematics and a Ph. D. in Theoretical Physics, all at the Autonomous University of Madrid. His specialty is the Statistical and Nonlinear Physics, and his research has developed mainly on signal and image analysis  of complex phenomena, especially applied econometrics and paleoclimatic series, and physical oceanography. He is Secretary of the Executive Committee of the SMOS Barcelona Expert Centre (SMOS-BEC), a laboratory which supports the ESA's SMOS mission to measure ocean surface salinity for climate studies. He has authored over 65 scientific articles, 41 of them published in international journals and a patent, has participated in 14 research projects leading two of them and has directed four doctoral dissertations. He maintains a blog about the energy crisis The

Gail Tverberg

Cargando... Recently retired actuary who has chosen to use her analytical and financial skills to research issues related to oil limits and their effect on the economy. She writes on her own blog Our Finite World where she analyzes such issues as the relationship between oil limits and recession. She was a contributor and editor to The Oil Drum while it was in operation, writing under the name “Gail the Actuary." and has written a number of papers, including “Oil Supply Limits and the Continuing Financial Crisis,” published in Energy in 2012 and “The Expected Impact of Oil Limitations on the Property-Casualty Insurance Industry” published in Casualty Actuarial Society e-Forum in 2010. She has an MS in Mathematics from the University of Illinois, Chicago, and is a Fellow of the Casualty Actuarial Society and a Member of the American Academy of Actuaries. Prior to joining The Oil Drum staff in 2007, she worked as a consulting actuary with Towers Watson, specializing in casualty insurance.