Más allá del pico del petróleo: el futuro de la energía"


Core topics

Here are the core topics to be discussed at the conference. 

Thematic Area 1: Propects for fossil fuels

  • The future of oil supply.
  • Potencial and problems of unconventional oil sources.
  • Natural Gas as "bridge" fuel.
  • Fracking: energetic, economic and environmental issues.
  • The carbon peak.
Thematic Area 2: The energy transition
  • Energy alternatives to fossil fuels.
  • The limits of renewable energies and natural resources.
  • The future of transport facing oil scarcity.
  • Global trends in the connection economy-energy.
  • Fossil fuels and geopolitics.
  • The influence of emerging markets.
  • Climate change and resource depletion.
Thematic Area 3: The future of our civilization
  • Growth, solution or problem? 
  • Post-capitalism and sustainable economies.
  • Alternative social models.