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The "Ramón J. Sender" Foundation, institution that supports the UNED center in Barbastro, has a modern and functional infrastructure which, from its creation 26 years ago, had been growing due to the increasing demand by the users and the continuous incorporation of new services.

The venues of the Center and the Foundation are located in two buildings, placed opposite to each other, and called buildings "Fundación" and "UNED" respectively.

The first, with a typical regional style, was built in the 17th century. This building, known popularly as "Casa Zapatillas", has a brick facade enhanced by the round arches gallery which create shades and lights and together with the carved wooden eaves refer to a model home with an air of nobility that was widespread in the cities of Aragón in the 16th century.

In the "Fundación" building are located the bookshop, the administrative and direction offices, the IT department and audiovisual resources area, the coffe shop and the astronomic observatory.


Photographs of the buildings "UNED" and "Fundación"

The "UNED" building, a modern construction with a brick facade. It was buit in 1991 and extended in 2001. The side facade faces the garden and is made of glass which gives a certain poise and depth to the whole structure. It houses the library, the Aula Magna, examination rooms, classrooms, laboratories, computer rooms, language lab, the exhibition hall and the CRAI, the main information point. This building is connected to the "Fundación" building through a tunnel, which facilitates communication and accessibility.